About Us

A Brief History

By Marianne Hastings

Ware Riding Club started from very humble beginnings and was called Nags and Bags. There were originally a group of 5 of us and twice a week we would ride out over long distances for fun. We decided that we could raise some money for charity so Nags and Bags was born. Where did the name come from?

Well, we were a bunch of old bags and the horses were definitely nags! Show jumps at the first show, and an early sponsored ride. Do you recognize anyone?


In that first year - 1987 - we organized 2 sponsored rides and a treasure hunt and raised approximately £500. The following year we doubled this amount and the year after that we trebled it. The sponsored rides got longer and we got older!! Finally in 1989 we decided to form Ware Riding Club which was originally just going to do the same treasure hunts and sponsored rides as Nags and Bags, but with more help (wishful thinking!!!!). Then in 1990 I was persuaded to run an open show which was held in September and consisted of 1 show jumping ring with borrowed jumps, and 1 showing ring. The organization was a nightmare but the show was hugely successful and the funds for charity started to grow.

As you all know, we celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2000 and the shows just keep going from strength to strength. We have raised in excess of £11,500 for various charities and hopefully even more will be added this year. We have come along way since the days of Nags and Bags, I am certainly older and the nag I had then has long since gone to the stable in the sky but I hope you agree with me that Ware Riding Club may have had humble beginnings but it is certainly the best Riding Club in the area now and will continue to be so.

An original Nags & Bags Treasure Hunt Rosette
Hello everyone

We have now moved to Cornwall and and it’s a totally different way of life here,  we only have one speed….. dead slow.

When I think back to when I rushed around at the shows, it gives me a headache!!!

Regards to all


Yes it does snow in Cornwall!!!