Ware Riding Club is now in its 23rd year

Nowadays, the organisers are 5 people, 3 of whom currently own horses or/and ponies, 1 who used to own horses and/or ponies and 1 who has never owned a horse or a pony and, if we are being honest, knows very little about them and has been heard to say on more than one occasion that she prefers her horses with a wheel in each corner

These 5 people are now restricted to putting together an annual event but never forgetting that Ware Riding Club is renowned for a friendly, organised fun day that is attended by keen equestrians from far and wide.

The help of a small army of volunteers, who turn up in all weathers, make sure the shows take place, and we are sincerely grateful to them.

During the each season, when there is enough money left over from the running costs, Ware Riding Club donate to various charities, often local and mostly animal related.

This season, we are offering advertising in the schedules and on the website (as below), so if you have a small business that needs extra advertising, let us know

One of the greatest pleasures in participating in the activities of Ware Riding Club is knowing that the time and effort that is put in to running shows not only gives a great deal of pleasure to many people, but that we are able to make a difference to various charitable organisations.

Over the years Ware Riding Club have donated to and supported many local charities including Essex Air Ambulance, The Scratching Post, Dogs Lost, Heathlands Animal Sanctuary, Blue Cross, Dogs Trust, Wood Green Animal Shelter, Isabel Hospice, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to name but a few

This is not achievable without the support from the many people who turn up to help out at the shows, expecting nothing in return but a fun day out. The committee members who are a dedicated bunch, as are the legions of helpers from the people who prepare and maintain the show ground to those who pick up the litter at the end of each show, and obviously, our enthusiastic equestrians with their entourage.  A big thank you to everyone who makes this all possible.